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What We Do at Deep Roots Health Center in Bentonville, AR to Get Phenomenal Results

What I'm going to bring to you guys today is essentially how my technique works and what it is that we do at deep roots health center in order to get such phenomenal results, because I've been getting asked this question a lot recently from family members and friends of my patients that come along with them for their appointments. And ultimately they're wondering.

What it is that we're doing with our technique, because it's a little bit different than what you would typically think of when you go to a normal chiropractor.  because we do something called TRT, which is torque release technique, it's neurological based chiropractic care. And what that means is there's actually no manual popping, clicking, or cracking that occurs with my adjustment.

it's all really, really specific done with an instrument where I can actually get down to the millimeter as far as where I need to adjust. So what's so cool about that is I'm working directly with the nervous system. Which is the course, the system that controls every other system in the body. Your nervous system is what tells your heart to beat your nervous system is what tells your lungs to breathe your muscles, to work properly.

It tells your circulation how to work. It tells your liver how to detoxify, right? Your nervous system is a system that tells every other system, every cell tissue and organ, how to function and how to regulate on a daily basis. I get so fired up talking about it because that's what I get to work with on a daily basis.

It's so much fun and we see it awesome results with our patients as we go through that. But with neurological based chiropractic care, we work directly with the nervous system, stimulating those nerves and changing the frequency of the nerves with the adjustments. That's a little different than the manual adjusting.

And what's so cool about chiropractic is there's. Over 120 different techniques out there and all of them work. So manually adjustments work. I actually used to do that. When I practiced in Southern California, they absolutely work and they help a ton of people. I just decided to go a different route and do neurological based care because I just found that when I transitioned to that people got better, faster, and they saw longer lasting results, which was something that I was all for.

So I started implementing that when I opened up Deep Roots Health Center, a couple of years back here in Arkansas and the results are. Absolutely phenomenal. You can check out our Google reviews and see all the different testimonials that have come over time in our practice from this neurological base care.

I mean, things like headaches gone away, migraines, neck pain, back pain, of course the bread and butter of what we do as chiropractors, but even some different things that are really in tune with the organs of the body. Things like sleeping better. We've had patients that have noticed digestive system changes.

We've had patients that have actually had gotten pregnant while under care while I, you know, of course can't say that it was chiropractic that did it. This was a patient that had been trying to get pregnant for over four years. And she let me know three weeks into care that she had gotten pregnant. And,  she was three weeks pregnant at the time.

So there's some coincidences that are really hard to chalk up to coincidence.  and when we get that nervous system working better, all the different organs that those nerves go to, they're ultimately going to function better as well, which is why we get such phenomenal results. So the way that this technique works specifically is it changes the frequency of the nerve with every single adjustment that we do.

and it's kind of like tuning the strings on a guitar. So if you have a guitar and it's out of tune, the strings are going to be at the wrong tension, right. They're not going to play the right note when you pluck that string. Well, what we do is very similar when we get that spinal cord tuned up and we get that nervous system working properly.

Ultimately, we can get that nervous system functioning, like a properly tuned guitar to the point where it's going to play that note beautifully. And that nerve is going to fire properly, ultimately affecting whatever organ that nerve goes to,  in a positive light as well. So that's kind of the gist behind it.

And I know,  you know, some of that is,  not so much,  with really specific science terms. I can get into that if you want to hear that. But it's, it's one of those things where it's really hard to explain because it's 100% based on neurology and there's people a lot smarter than myself that,  ultimately learned how to do it.

But that's the basics. When we affect that nervous system directly, we actually change the tension or the torsion on that spinal cord and with the neurology in that region,  which completely changes the signals that the brain is sending out through those nerves, to all the different cells, organs, and tissues of the body.

And that's what makes the changes that we see in our practice on a daily basis. So if you guys ever want some more information about torque release technique, neurological based care on what we do in our office, how we get such great results, I would love to answer your questions and throw any questions down in the comments section right below this video, and make sure that you share this with somebody that needs to hear it.

If you know somebody that needs to get neurological based chiropractic care, tag them in this post. Share this post with your community so that we can reach more people and ultimately affect more lives. That's what it's all about. That's why God into this profession. It's why I love doing what I do on a daily basis.

My motto that I live by is to expect miracles and it's so important to me that I actually tattooed that on my wrist right here. It's the last thing that I see before I adjust every single one of my patients. I expect miracles on a daily basis because I know when we get that nervous system functioning properly.

The rest of the body is going to function properly as well. And it's what I get to work with on a daily basis at Deep Roots Health Center. So yeah, if you guys would like my help, make sure that you,  put some comments down in that section or send us a message. You can always call the office. The phone number is (479) 595-8022.

I'd love to help you out and see if we can get you phenomenal results. Just like we have all of the patients at Deep Roots Health Center. Thank you so much. And I hope you guys have a fantastic evening.

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