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Migraines Headaches

Understanding Migraines and What to Do About Them

Hey everybody today, we are going to talk about migraines and headaches and how those can affect you, but even better than that is how we can help out with migraines and headaches, because it really is something that can have in fact, a lot of people and it's debilitating when it happens. so you guys noticed that I have a sidekick with me here today.

This is a Lorna. So for those of you that have been in the office in the last week, you've seen her around, she's our newest team member. She's our office manager in our Bentonville Chiropractic Office and you're an absolute rock star. So we're super excited to have her as a part of the team, make sure that you say hello the next time that you come into the office, but the reason that I have her here is because, what have you struggled with for years and years? I have struggled with migraines almost my entire life. Right. And how long, like, I mean, if you had to put them in amount of years on a, how long would you say. Probably since I've been a teenager, so 20 years.

Yeah. Yeah. 20 years of migraines. and how often do you typically get them in the past, how often have you. About seasonally is the worst, but I can go every single day for months, months. Wow. And then tell the viewers out there just a little bit about what it is, because if you've only gotten headaches in the past and it hasn't escalated to a migraine, there can absolutely be some differences.

So just kind of walk the viewers through what that looks like. What do you experience when you get a migraine really bad? sometimes it starts with an aura, spots in my vision. the lights start flickering. and then very sudden sharp shooting pains in my head are definitely the worst ones. And then when that does get really, really bad like that, how does that affect you on a daily basis with demeanor, with the different things that you do on a daily basis?

Like how does that affect your daily life? It makes me pretty irritable. it makes it very hard for me to think and speak. My speech is affected. and I've had to take many days off of work because of it. Okay, so here's what I'm super excited about is because of course we want, we want her here on, on a daily basis that she doesn't have to take off work so that she can help out.

You guys. so what's really cool is we've actually started, with her care regimen for the last week. And you've gotten about three adjustments so far. Tell the viewers out there, the changes that you noticed so far after just three adjustments. So the very first thing I noticed is I slept much better after the first adjustment.

And after the second one, the sharp shooting pain that I had on the right side of my head for months, every single day, I finally went away. Awesome. So after just three adjustments, she's already noticing changes with their migraines, even sleeping better on a nightly basis. So just some really, really cool changes and we're just getting started.

So we're only going to get better and better from here. if you guys are struggling with migraines or if you know somebody that is. I want to walk you through how we get, get such great results with this. Because with the specific technique that we utilize in our office, it's called torque release technique.

It's neurological based care. we can actually get down to the millimeter as far as where we need to adjust, because we use a really specific instrument that works with the nervous system directly. So fires at one 10000th of a second. It's super, super quick, but it's actually really comfortably done as well.

I mean, you lie face down when you get adjusted. I mean, it doesn't really affect the body in a, in a negative way, as far as pain goes when you get that adjustment. But it really makes some changes with that nervous system because it changes the neurology in that area, those nerves way up top going right back up to the brain, which can lead to things like headaches and migraines.

So she's done great. If you guys want to get those same results, it all starts with an initial visit in the office where we gather some information and find out what's going on. We do an initial consult. Exam any necessary x-ray findings or other tests that we need to do, essentially everything to find out if we can even help you out.

And if we can, of course, we were going to let you know that, but if it is something different that's causing those migraines, we're absolutely going to let you know that too. but normally that first visit is about $375 to do in our office. But whenever we do social media, things like this, and because it's Allana's second week here, now we're actually going to do a special actual offer for you guys.

So instead of that three 75. We're actually going to do it for just 40. If you guys call us and let us know that you saw this video. So just call the office, you might even have, have, have a lot to answer the phone and then she'll go ahead and get you scheduled for that first visit. Just 40 bucks together, all the, all the insight and gather all the testing to find out if we can help you too.

So congratulations on those changes. We're only going to get you better. Awesome. Cool. Thank you guys.

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