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Tiffany Testimonial

By November 17, 2020 April 6th, 2023 Uncategorized
Chiropractor NWA

I started coming to the practice because I was having migraines and a lot of back pain. I couldn’t touch my toes. I was having sleep issues. And within the first week, or I would say within the first week or month of me being here, I noticed major changes.

My menstrual cycle was actually kind of pleasant, with no migraines. And now I’m looking just for overall health and to maintain my adjustments and keep them, no migraines is a major win for me. And hopefully, I can just continue to do overall health.

Dr Ryan

Author Dr Ryan

Dr. Ryan Carlson is a leader within the chiropractic profession, as he teaches thousands of doctors on 4 continents every year how he is able to achieve such great results at Deep Roots Health Center. Originally studying to be a pharmacist, Dr. Carlson experienced firsthand the suffering that people go through when on the merry-go-round of Western Medicine, constantly being given another pill or surgery. In an effort to help fix our broken healthcare system, Dr. Carlson graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University and opened one of Northwest Arkansas’ only neurological-based chiropractic offices, focusing on specific and scientific adjustments to help the NWA community with their health. Before opening Deep Roots Health Center, Dr. Carlson was honored to be hand-selected for a position in Southern California at one of the busiest and most esteemed chiropractic health centers in the world. Here, he worked closely with several types of patients: corporate executives, moms and families, babies and children, seniors, and even numerous professional and Olympic athletes. Dr. Carlson not only holds a prized Advanced Proficiency certification within his neurological-based technique system, but also has completed a post-graduate course in auriculotherapy from the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders in order to better serve those patients who struggle with different forms of addiction. Dr. Carlson is also a published author in an effort to better serve and teach other doctors all over the world how to provide exceptional care for their patients and communities.

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