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The Effects of a Car Accident on the Spine

Have you ever dealt with neck pain in the past? Well, in this video, what I want to do is walk you through one of the main causes of neck pain and how you can get out of it so that you can live the life you need to, and you might have imagined one of the main things that causes things like neck pain.
It is a car accident because, if you're in a car accident, what it can actually do is put pressure on the nerves in the bottom part of your neck and your shoulder region by a misalignment of the spine. You see, what you want to see with the spine from the front is that it's straight up and down, but from the side, it needs a curve just like this in the neck.

And what can happen is. A car accident, it can cause something called whiplash. I'm sure you've heard of that before, which is essentially when that head goes forward and it bounces backward real quickly and it can cause a misalignment in these vertebrae here, they can actually get misaligned and they can have a sideways curvatures put in there that can put pressure on the nerves coming out from that area.

Now these are the nerves that control the muscles of the neck. So one of the main causes of neck pain is actually a car accident. And the biggest thing with this is it doesn't have to be a recent car accident, right? I mean, a lot of times, you know, if you have neck pain, red hat right after a car accident, but you know, sometimes it can be months or even years after car accident that those symptoms can start to develop.

You see pain as one of the last things to come on after there's a neurological problem like whiplash, and it's one of the first things that goes away. So you can actually be dealing with symptoms of whiplash for years and years and years, but not symptoms that you feel. Symptoms that are functional and can be seen on an xray.
So that's one of the things that I do in my office is I take x-rays on nearly all of my new patients, and of course depends on what's going on with your spine and if your exam indicates that. But if there's something going on, we'll take some films and we're going to see how we can help you out with that neck pain.

And if it is following a car accident, then it definitely makes sense as far as what caused that and how we can help you out down the road so that you can live the life that you need to. My name is Dr. Ryan Carlson. I'm a Chiropractic wellness expert right here in Bentonville AR, and we have a new patient special going on right now to help you out with your neck pain.

It's 40 bucks. Includes an exam, a consultation, any x-ray's or other tests, and we need to do. Everything to find out how we can help you out. So all you gotta do is hit that button that's down below, that's going to take you to a separate page that where you can fill out your information and you can schedule an appointment right here in our office.

Again, just 40 bucks, normally right around three 75 in order to do that. But as part of our way of giving back to the community, and we do videos like this, right on social media, so make sure that you hit that button down below and we'll see you real soon in the office.

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