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Struggling with Headaches in Bentonville, AR!? 😬 Not the case with Deep Roots Health Center! πŸ’ͺ🏼

If you've dealt with headaches, you know how frustrating they can be. So in this video, what I'm going to do is walk you through what you can do to avoid headaches and ultimately how they do not need to be a part of your life moving into the future. Hey, my name is dr. Ryan Carlson. I'm the owner and a lead chiropractor at deep roots health center in Bentonville.

Dr Carlson - Chiropractor Bentonville Ar

We're a neurological based chiropractic office in Bentonville AR, which means we get really, really specific down to the millimeter as far as. Where we need to adjust, but what I want to do today is talk, talk about headaches and how we can get really specific with that. Because first there are a couple things that you can do at home in order to help manage headaches.

And if those work for you, phenomenal, I hope, I hope I can give you some out some value there, but if they aren't working for you. You might need to look for some different approaches and neurological based chiropractic care has helped tons of people with headaches. In fact, I want to give you a little testimonial from a patient that we just had come through our office a few weeks ago.

Actually, she came through,  three weeks ago. Her name was Martha and,  you know, she had dealt with,  headaches for years. I'm talking like 20 plus years headaches almost on a daily basis. It would be a rare day if she did not have a headache. And after just two weeks of care, she has told me that she has had lit, literally had one headache throughout the whole time and her first couple weeks, which is absolutely phenomenal.

I mean, we get really good results with headaches on a routine basis, but this was a super special case. So,  typically a little bit longer before we get down to one headache for just a period of time, but yeah, and she has done so, so well, so it's just really unique when we get the pressure off that top nerve in the neck.

That's the nerve that goes back up to the brain. And can actually cause things like headaches and migraine. So when we get the pressure off of that nerve C1, it's a three ounce bone, but it holds up your 12 pound head. So it's a really important segment to have aligned properly. Cause that nerve that comes out of there.

So delicate, it goes back up to the brain. And if there's pressure, there can absolutely cause something like headaches or migraines. So first, what I want to do is give you some things to do at home in order to help manage that. And again, if these work for you phenomenal, I'm glad that I could,  give, give, give you some value there and, and ultimately help you out.

So tip number one is to drink lots of water, because what they found is hydration can actually prevent capillaries in the brain from,  ultimately,  dehydrating and, and not having enough fluid in there not having enough enough blood flow, which can sometimes lead to things like headaches. So if that is you, and you can just add, add some water to your diet and that fixes your headaches.

Awesome. Glad I could give you some value. Tip number two though, is to make sure that you're eating three times a day.  because what they've also found is that that if you're not consistently giving your body food and what I mean by that is not eating every single minute of the day, but,  three meals, you know, not skipping a meal,  they found that that can actually influence headaches and that it can help you out with that.

Yeah. But again, if you tried those things and it's just not working for you, I'd like you to try out Deep Roots Health Center because at our office we've helped so many people with headaches. I'd say it's probably the symptom that we get the best results with. I mean, we get awesome results with just about every musculoskeletal system out there and all this.

Symptoms associated with that. But man headaches, that is our bread and butter. So, super cool. Again, it's getting pressure off that very top nerve in the neck. That's the one that goes back up to the brain. And if there's pressure there or there's inflammation in that region, it can absolutely cause headaches and migraines, which is the cause of so many different cases.

Headaches are typically a neurological symptom. So that's why with neurological based chiropractic care. It just gets the results that you're looking for. So you guys would like to benefit from that, reach out to us, drop some comments down in the comments, section a tag, somebody that you know needs to see this, share it on your, on your wall.

Just make sure that you get the message out because there are so many people struggling with headaches that don't need to be. And it's something that we can absolutely help out with. So,  give us some love, look forward to seeing you guys next week. Take care. We will see you soon at Deep Roots.

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