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Stop Suffering From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Numbness or Tingling in Your Hands & Fingers

So most people have heard of the term carpal tunnel syndrome, but there's a lot of ambiguity around it and what it really means. So what I'm going to do today is clear that topic up, show you exactly what carpal tunnel syndrome is, and essentially how we can help you out with that at deeper it's health center.

Hey, my name is dr. Ryan Carlson. I'm the owner and I'm the chiropractor here at deep roots health center in Bentonville. We're a neurologically based chiropractic office, just South of rainbow curve and Bentonville. And we are here to help you with all of your chiropractic, your spinal and you're nervous the system needs.

So, what we're going to do today is dive into carpal tunnel syndrome because it really is one of those topics where, you know, the term, but. Not a whole lot of people know exactly what it is or what the symptoms of it are. So essentially what carpal tunnel syndrome is, is an issue in the carpal tunnel area, which is a small area right here in the wrist where the nerves exit from the arm, all the way to control the hands and the fingers.

So essentially all the small muscles and the joints and the fingertips are controlled by the nerve that goes right through the carpal tunnel area. However, what can happen in the terms of carpal tunnel syndrome is when. That carpal tunnel area gets closed off. However, here's the thing only about 50% of carpal tunnel surgeries work, because what's interesting about it is the problem.

Isn't always here in the carpal tunnel area. A lot of times it's actually in the back part of the neck. You see the nerves that come out from the spine on the bottom part, those are the ones that go to the shoulder. They go all the way down the arms. And again, they have to go right through the carpal tunnel area in order to control the muscles of the hands and the fingers.

So if there's any type of pressure here on the spine where it's putting pressure on the nerves, Of course, everything down below can be effected. So again, about 50% then have carpal tunnel surgeries fail because the problem isn't always here in the wrist, a lot of times it's on the back part of the neck, something we call a subluxation, which is a misalignment of the spine to the point where it's putting pressure on the nerve and causing an issue.

So I want to show you exactly what that looks like. model is fine here. So of course, with the spine from the front, we want that straight up and down from the front. We don't want any sideways curvatures. That would be scoliosis. What we want from the side is a little different. We need three curves, one in the neck, one in the mid back, and one of the low back.

And that's what gives you your shock absorption and your ability to resist gravity? However, life can happen. It can be a car accident or a fall. A sports injury could be posture over the years. And what can happen is those bones in the spine. They can actually get misaligned to the point where they get locked up.

They get stuck and they get restricted. Now, when that happens, that puts direct pressure on the nerve, or it causes inflammation in the area of the nerve. Which does not allow that nerve to function the way that it should. Again, these nerves of the bottom part of the neck, those are the ones that come out right here around the shoulders.

They go all the way down, the arms wrists, hands fingers, you guessed it right to the carpal tunnel area. So with that, what we do in our office is we unlock this area. We get those bones moving again. We take the pressure off those nerves. So that your whole body can function properly. So one of the key things with any type of numbness and tingling into the fingertips, into the wrist, even into the arm or pain in the arm, a lot of times the problem isn't in that Haitian, you know, it's not a, it's not a problem with the wrist or something, not a problem with the finger itself, but it's a problem on the neck.

And that's what we take care of here in our office. If you are dealing with, with numbness or tingling or carpal tunnel symptoms, anything along those lines, really the best way to know if it is a problem there, or if it's a problem in the neck is a set of, we do something called a motion study. He said of x-rays in our office where we actually put the neck, your motion.

And that shows us which bones are moving properly, as well as which ones aren't, it's why we get such great results because we can get. Super specific to the patient's individual case and make sure that we're helping them out on an individual basis because look, everybody's spine is different. We can't just do the same thing for every patient that walks in the door.

It has to be specific to your individual case. So that's what that first visit is all about in our office. We do an exam, a consultation, any necessary x-rays or other testing we need to do. Okay. Everything to find out exactly what's going on for your specific case. And then we can show you exactly what's going on.

If it is a nervous system and a spinal condition, if it is that's when we can help you. But of course, if it isn't, we're gonna let you know that too. If you guys want to take it, the vantage of our current special, it's normally three 75 for that very first visit. Again, all that testing exam consultation, any necessary x-rays or other testing.

If you guys take advantage of it this month and even into June. with our Facebook special, we're doing it for 40 bucks. So huge savings. If you guys want to do that, go ahead and call our office number is (479) 595-8022. or you can always reach out to our email it's team at We can get you all done.

Thank you so much. And I hope you guys have fantastic Memorial day weekend coming up.

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