Sports injuries are no joke. If you’re looking for a Rogers, AR chiropractor to help with your sports injury, we can help!

We know that when you have an injury, it can be hard to find the right care and treatment. That’s why our team is here to provide professional services in rogers,ar so that you get the best possible results from your treatments.


Our goal is always to improve patient outcomes by helping them feel better faster than they would through traditional medical approaches. You don’t have time for pain or discomfort – which means we need to work together as quickly as possible so that you can get back out there and enjoy life again!


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Sports Injury Chiropractor Rogers, AR

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Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center is a sports injury chiropractor in Rogers, AR. We specialize in treatment and prevention of spine pain and injuries related to strength training, running and other activities. Call us today at (479) 207-7656 for an appointment or visit our website at to learn more about the services we offer!

Chiropractors are experts in spinal adjustments and treatments, which can be very helpful after an injury.

The most common types of sports injuries that chiropractors treat are sprains, muscle tears and some forms of arthritis. Many athletes feel they need to wait for their pain to go away before they seek treatment from a doctor or chiropractor because it is often not the first thing that comes to mind when you have an injury. This is especially true if you’re just dealing with some minor aches and pains. However, there are some issues where waiting too long could result in more serious complications down the road. For example, if you have a sprain on your ankle or foot or any sort of neck pain or shoulder pain then waiting too long could lead to it being more difficult to treat which could require surgery.


How A Chiropractor Can Help With Your Sports Injury Pain



A chiropractor can help with your sports injury by treating any underlying conditions. Sports injuries often have a lot of underlying causes, and a shock to the spine can be the final straw. We will assess your spine and see what’s going on, but we may also need to look at how you move to ensure that there isn’t an underlying problem.


We may also prescribe exercises that might be hard to do at home or on your own, including stretches that will help to improve flexibility and lessen how your back moves. We’re looking for the best possible outcomes for you – so we’ll use all tools in our toolbox to get you back to your active life!


Chiropractic Care And Chiropractic Treatments For Athletes


Sports injury chiropractors use a number of techniques and therapies to help people with their sports injuries. There are a lot of options that you need to be aware of for this because sometimes there is no one technique that will work for everyone. What we do will depend on the kind of injury you have, how long it has been going on, and all other factors in your life. Chiropractic care for injuries related to sports is not a one size fits all program and requires many different treatments for proper care.


There are 3 general types of sports injury methods that chiropractors use: manipulation, mobilization, and hands-on soft tissue massage. Manipulation is the most common option that is used when addressing sports related injuries. Massage can also help with pain relief when it comes to sports injuries, but it isn’t as good at treating certain conditions like sprains, muscle tears and some forms of arthritis.


Mobilization is a technique that uses the chiropractor’s hands and body weight to move joints. It can be used on just about any part of your body and helps with spinal adjustments as well as helping with pain relief. Some options for treatment include:


– Rotational Therapy

– Cross Friction

– Muscle Energy


Mobilization is commonly used on the neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and wrist. It’s also great for helping with ongoing issues associated with being on crutches or sitting in a wheelchair for too long. A lot of patients who are experiencing chronic pain will gain relief from this technique as well. Most patients experience a decrease in their pain after receiving this type of therapy.


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