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Sports Injury Chiropractor Little Flock, AR

Do you want to be a better athlete? Deep Roots Chiropractic is here for you. We provide chiropractic care and treatment for athletes of all levels, from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Our goal is to help keep your body in top condition so that you can perform at your best on game day or during practice.
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Do you have a nagging pain that just won’t go away?

If so, it could be a sports injury. Sports injuries are common and can happen to anyone. They usually occur when the body is put under stress or trauma from repetitive motions or an impact. This can lead to muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendonitis, bursitis and even fractures in severe cases. When these types of injuries don’t heal properly they can cause long-term problems for your joints and muscles which may require surgery down the road if not treated correctly now. We offer personalized treatment plans that will help you get back on track as soon as possible by focusing on proper alignment and balance using chiropractic care techniques. Our goal is to give you relief from your pain while also teaching you how to prevent future injuries from occurring through exercise programs tailored specifically for your needs!

Don’t let another day go by without getting the relief you deserve! Call us today at (479) 279-7732 for an appointment with Dr. Ryan Carlson at Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center in Little Flock AR! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sports Injury Chiropractor Little Flock, AR


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Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center is a sports injury chiropractic center in Little Flock. They provide relief from pain and discomfort from injuries to all ages in the community. Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center provides a safe, supportive environment for people in Little Flock, AR who have been injured playing sports and want to heal and get back on the field.

Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center was founded by Dr. Ryan Carlson and has helped thousands of athletes over the years return to their sport safely and effectively. We offer an integrated approach to healing that combines innovative chiropractic care with education as well as individualized treatment plans designed for you based on your personal needs. Dr. Ryan Carlson will work together with you throughout the process so that you are confident that you are receiving the most effective care possible.

Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center serves Little Flock, AR for all types of sports injuries including football injuries, basketball injuries, baseball injuries, volleyball injuries, track and field injuries (running), softball injuries (throwing), cheerleading injuries (tumbling) and many other common sports played in Little Flock such as soccer and lacrosse. Athletes from high school to professional levels can receive customized treatment plans designed specifically for their individual needs at Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center to get them back on the field.

What Types Of Sports Injuries Does A Chiropractor Treat?

There are many types of sports injuries that chiropractors treat. Sports injuries are classified by the type of activity or sport in which they occur. The list below will give you great insight into what sports injuries chiropractors treat on a regular basis. The various types of sports injuries include:

  1. A) Athletic Injuries – Athletic injuries involve any part of the body used for participating in an athletic event including the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue surrounding them. Some common examples of these types of athletic injuries are sprains, muscle pulls and strains, stress fractures (hairline bone fractures), bruises and contusions.
  2. B) Dance Injuries – These types of sports injuries occur while participating in dance, whether it be from the physical activities involved with the sport or from falls. Some common examples of these types of sports injuries are muscle pulls and strains and ankle sprains.
  3. C) Fitness Injuries – Any injury sustained while exercising is considered a fitness injury. This may include exercising in a gym setting or even at home with running or weight lifting equipment. Some common examples include muscle pulls and strains, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons), osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis of the joints) and bursitis (inflammation of the fluid-filled synovial sacs).

Benefits Of A Chiropractor

Athletes should see a chiropractor.

Athletes are one of the most common groups of people that visit a chiropractor, because they come in contact with their spine or other parts of their body repetitively. This can lead to long-term damage and pain from inflammation and wearing out ligaments, which will eventually need attention from a professional. Seeing a chiropractor before this becomes an issue is key for athletes, so they can prevent injuries from happening in the future.

In addition to preventing injury, seeing a chiropractor gives athletes peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens on the field or court, they have someone who knows how to help them recover quickly and get back into shape as soon as possible.

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If you’re an athlete in Little Flock and have been suffering from chronic pain or another sports injury, this is the place for you. Dry. Ryan Carlson at Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center is a chiropractor with years of experience helping people who are athletes heal their injuries. They specialize most specifically in sport-related injuries so they know what to do if your soreness has been going on for too long or just won’t go away no matter how much rest you get. Give them a call today to find out more about their services!


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