Sport injuries can be a common occurrence for athletes, but you don't have to suffer from them if you know where to go. A sports injury chiropractor is someone who specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries that happen during physical activity. They are highly trained at assessing the needs of their patients and figuring out what treatment will work best for each individual. We highlights some benefits of visiting a local chiropractor near you!

Sports Injury Chiropractor Gravette, AR

Deep Roots is a sports injury chiropractor in Gravette, AR who treats people with injuries from playing sports. They provide the best treatment for their patients and are always available to answer any questions you may have. If you’re experiencing an injury while playing sports, it’s important that you get checked out by one of our doctors as soon as possible. We’ll work together to find the best course of action for your recovery so that you can play again in no time! 

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What are the main causes of sports injuries?

The primary causes of sports injuries are overuse, excessive loading, muscle and bone weakness, poor conditioning. Fatigue, inexperience or overestimation of skills can also play a contributing role in injury. When an athlete has an imbalance that is being compensated for by other muscles the risk for injury increases.

Bodies may have one or more chronic (long-term) problems such as tibialis posterior tendonitis to no specific identified cause that chronically tightens the Achilles’ tendon.

Most acute injuries occur when forceful exertion exceeds the body’s tolerance to counterbalance with its remaining strength reserves and muscular flexibility – especially when there are pre-existing conditions or imbalances/areas of compensatory tightness. When these forces exceed the body’s ability to compensate, injury and pain result.

Should athletes go to the chiropractor?

Sports injuries can be a sign that the body is being pushed to its limits. The cause of these injuries are clumsiness, trickery or overtraining. It’s important to know the difference between what’s just soreness and what is an injury before going to therapy like a chiropractor.

A sports injury chiropractor takes into account all physical factors including range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and conditioning as well as external conditions for accidents from happening in the future.

They work with athletes by evaluating, diagnosing any abnormalities that could lead to re-injury and recommend treatment options often including manual physical therapy modalities such as heat therapy massage or myofascial release massage techniques in order to lessen pain, and decrease the risk of future injury.

The chiropractor will also tailor plans to address any underlying causes such as muscle imbalances or poor conditioning that could lead to more serious injuries in the future.

Benefits of visiting a sports injury chiropractor

There is no better person than your local sports injury chiropractor who can understand what you need from them if they specialize in just this one area alone! Your doctor’s office may not have time for all these different things so when it comes down to it, see someone with experience first before seeking out other options like physical therapy sessions at another facility or even surgery which has more risks involved than most people realize. Some general benefits include:

  • being able to customize the treatment options for the individual
  • developing a personalized exercise and stretching program to help prevent future injuries
  • providing myofascial release massage techniques, heat therapy or other modalities in order to lessen pain and decrease the risk of injury.

Can chiropractors help with sports injuries?

Sports injury chiropractors specialize in maintaining and protecting your body during demanding times. Their job is to help the body heal itself, instead of focusing on standard drug treatments.

When a sports injury chiropractor finds that spinal misalignments are causing undue stress on a muscle or tendon, they can gently readjust the bones. This will promote healing and decrease pain levels for the patient by restoring muscles’ natural support and preventing further damage.

Sports injury chiropractors specialize in what they do. They do not treat all kinds of injuries or patients, but instead only focus on treating sports injuries, which very often are spinal because a lot of sports involve the spine.

Some people think they can “do it themselves” by going to a gym and getting personal trainers or physical therapy from somebody else who is licensed to diagnose and treat anything that hurts, but these people often find out how much more difficult things would have been if they weren’t under the care of an expert with years upon years of experience dealing with everything related to their problem.

The most common sports injuries treated by chiropractors are:

  1. Tendonitis of the Achilles tendon (chronic) or tibialis posterior tendonitis (acute) due to overuse/excessive loading
  2. Muscle strains from excessive exertion or during a sudden change in direction on an unstable surface
  3. Exacerbation of pre-existing problems such as lower back spasms from poor posture while sitting for extended periods at work. Lower back pain can be caused by tight muscles around spinal discs that act like cushions between each vertebrae and allow movement without wearing down cartilage along the spine. These may have been worsened by a previous injury that has not healed properly.
  4. Knee pain may be caused by the quadriceps muscles becoming too short due to a sprain or strain, overuse from sports such as running and jumping in basketball, soccer and football
  5. Neck pain often occurs when people have poor posture. This will cause muscle imbalances, leading to tension in the muscles between the shoulder blades – one side carrying more load than the other and causing discomfort for muscles throughout your neck. The front part of my spine also becomes tight resulting in increased lower back discomfort when sitting for long periods of time.
  6. Ankle pain can be caused by overuse from running and jumping, a previous injury that has not healed properly or an ankle sprain/strain which would require treatment with ice to keep the swelling down before seeing your doctor.

Ever wonder what to do when you get injured playing sports? You might have seen Dr. Ryan Carlson on social media or at a local event, and wondered if he’s the right chiropractor for you. Here are four reasons why he is!

  • With Dr. Ryan Carlson as your sports injury chiropractor, you’ve got an expert who specializes in treating athletes of any age and skill level! Sports injuries are common among high school or college student-athletes during practice or games, but they can happen to anyone at any time – even if it’s just a leisurely jog around the neighborhood.
  • He has helped thousands of people improve their lives – It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete or not, we all need our spine taken care of! The spine controls everything from our breathing to how we move around. When you have a sports injury, your spine is likely more out of alignment than it was before the injury occurred.
  • Dr. Ryan Carlson has helped people get back in shape and live healthy lives with chiropractic care! Not only does he know what needs to be done when someone comes to him for help, but he also knows that spinal adjustments are necessary for everyone – not just athletes who do high impact workouts all day long!
  • Dr. Ryan Carlson at Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Clinic is a recommended Family Chiropractic Center by many health-conscious and active people. With his staff’s expertise he has been able to help a significant amount of injuries from sports such as lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain and more. The clinic also offers flexible hours so that the people who come in can work around their busy schedules too!

Playing sports is a great way to keep fit and stay healthy, but injuries are inevitable. Sports injuries can be incredibly painful, and it’s hard to get back to normal if you don’t have the right help.

Sports injuries can cause excruciating pain if not treated properly. They can also take a long time to heal. If you want to get back on the field as soon as possible, it’s important that you see a chiropractor who knows how to treat your specific injury.

When you suffer an injury playing sports it can be hard to get back into the game. You might need physical therapy or even surgery if the damage is severe enough. But what about those people who don’t have health insurance? There’s no way they can afford that kind of care on their own! 

Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center is a chiropractor clinic in the heart of Bentonville AR area. They specialize in helping people get their lives back after suffering injuries playing sports. Dr. Ryan Carlson has helped many patients recover from injuries and live an active lifestyle again. He’s been practicing for years, so he knows what it takes to get you feeling better fast!

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