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Sitting is the new smoking. Get up, Get out, Have FUN in NWA

Hey, Northwest Arkansas coming at you live from outside today because it is a gorgeous summer day. And we are super excited to be experiencing that weather here in Arkansas right now, of course, with,  you know, the summer that we've had is in blistering hot. We've got a cooler one over the weekend, make sure that you get outside and you enjoy it.

I want to talk about the benefits of physical activity, because when you're moving that body, when you're moving the joints, especially the ones along your spine. It's only going to help with mobility and actually helps by taking pressure off the nerves within the spine because mobility comes, increase this space within your joints.

Yep. You heard that right? The disc space actually resorbed with fluid when you get motion into the joint. So I get out, get moving, whether it's playing a baseball game, or maybe you want to do some hiking or walking, or you want to go for a bike ride. We're on the trail of two cities right now. So there's plenty of opportunities in Northwest Arkansas to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, because that's only good for your spinal and nervous system health, which of course the nervous system controls everything in your body.

So if you want to eliminate things like back pain, Or neck pain or shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, migraine sleep problems. You guessed it. The nervous system can help out with that. So make sure you're getting motion into your joints this weekend. Because here's the thing, there was a time magazine cover that came out a couple of years ago, showed that sitting is the new smoking.

That was literally the title on the time magazine cover a couple of years back. So yeah, y'all all know that sitting and, you know, not getting movement into your joints can absolutely cause all sorts of issues and things like back pain and neck pain and shoulder tension. So if you can get out and before the kids go back to school, this weekend, get out and enjoy it.

I get some movement into your body. It's only going to help you out. Dr. Ryan Carlson coming at you live from deeper roots health center. This is our backyard right here. Beautiful place to be. And we're excited to see you guys in the office, the rest of today, and even into next week, take care and enjoy that sunshine.

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