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Spine - Back Pain Chiropractor Bentonville

Restoring the Neck's Proper Structure

Hey, what I'm going to do in this info is walk you through one of the things that we do in our practice in order to help you out with your neck pain. Hey, I'm Dr. Ryan Carlson. I'm with deep roots health center right here in Northwest Arkansas and I've got chased to help me demonstrate something called the dinner roll, which is going to work on taking the pressure off the nerves in the neck in order to help you get out of your neck pain.

Cause one of the big things is when you lose the curve in your neck, it can actually put pressure on the different nerves in that area. And you'd be surprised at how many people actually lose that natural curve in the neck, which can put pressure right on those nerves and cause all sorts of issues like neck pain and shoulder pain and numbness and tingling into the fingertips.

It can cause a lot of different issues. So, uh, one of the tools that we use in our office to help out with that is something called the dinner rule. And it comes specific to each person. But what it does is it works with that curve right back in the neck through something called passive spinal molding.
So. It looks just like this. It's a, it's a, it's a little wedge and it works to go right underneath the neck. I'm actually going to showcase so you can see what it looks like. So chase, I'm going to have you lie on your back and this goes right underneath the neck. Right here. So just come right down.
Let the head fall over the top, and as you can see, I'm just going to have you pull this arm out of the way. It just works to go right underneath that neck, put that natural curve right in the neck so you can lie on it. So that's key as far as making sure that we're taking the pressure off those nerves, and it's something that we size for all of our patients here in our practice.
So if you'd like to get some more information on how you can potentially get that neck curve back. Through the use of the general paired with some of the other things we do here in the neck pain chiropractic clinic Bentonville AR. Make sure that you either comment down below, or even better yet is there's a button down below that you can actually input your information on and it's going to give you a special offer for our neck pain, new patient special that we're running right now.

It's only 40 bucks. That includes an initial exam consultation. Any necessary x-rays or other testing we need to do. Essentially everything to find out how we can help you with that neck pain. So just fill out that information, hit that button down below, and we will see a real soon in the office.

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