Pregnancy Chiropractor in Bentonville, AR

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes in many ways as a baby grows. Due to the growth of the baby and the shift of internal organs, a woman’s posture can change and pressure can be placed on parts of the body that did not experience issues prior to the pregnancy.

Due to the weight and size of a growing infant, added pressure on the back can cause nerve compression or muscle spasms.

Gentle, effective spinal adjustments can help during the different stages of pregnancy by relieving the pressure placed on nerves and allowing spasming muscles to relax, significantly improving a woman’s comfort level. Additionally, when the spinal bones are aligned an infant will have optimal space to grow.

Benefits of Seeing a Prenatal Chiropractor

Many women experience lower back pain, sciatica pain, and round ligament pain during pregnancy, which can make it almost impossible for expecting mothers to walk, stand up, or sit for long periods of time without significant pain and discomfort. This can have a major impact on a woman’s quality of life during pregnancy, preventing them from completing simple tasks around the home or getting uninterrupted sleep during the night. Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy will not only help to naturally relieve pain, but it also comes with these added benefits:

  • It can speed up the recovery time after delivery
  • Can reduce labor and delivery time
  • Can prevent the need for pain medication
  • Treatment will restore pelvic balance
  • Can maximize room for the infant in the womb

When you’re pregnant everything can change, from the way you sit to the way you sleep and walk, while your body struggles to function normally, as your infant continues to grow at a rapid rate. This can cause misalignment and joint dysfunction.

A chiropractor will realign the spine and restore pelvic balance in order to safely and naturally relieve many of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, and to improve your sleep, mobility, flexibility, and range of motion.

What to Expect at Your Chiropractic Appointment

In many ways, treatment during pregnancy is similar to the type of treatment you would receive if you weren’t expecting. If you’ve never received chiropractic treatment before, you will need to fill out paperwork detailing your medical history, the reason for your visit, and any specific concerns you would like to address.

Initial Evaluation

During your visit, your chiropractor will conduct a physical assessment to identify areas of dysfunction and misalignment. They will use your medical history and the results of that assessment to create a personalized treatment plan that can include services and modalities that are safe and effective during pregnancy.


This portion of your appointment will focus on the areas of misalignment, using safe, gentle, and effective techniques that can restore balance to the spine and pelvis. The Webster technique is a common method used to adjust pregnant women and focuses on the sacrum’s alignment within the pelvis.

Using controlled force and other techniques that are specifically approved for use during pregnancy, the adjustments a chiropractor uses can realign vertebrae and joints, which can reduce pain, inflammation, and pressure placed on nerves.

Chiropractic Adjustments Post-Delivery

Postnatal treatment will focus on helping your body to heal after delivery and return to pre-pregnancy health. Treatment can also help as your body adjusts to changing hormone levels that occur following delivery. Some women seek chiropractic treatment after delivery due to pain and discomfort, while others do so to feel stronger and healthier than ever before.

Benefits of post-delivery chiropractic treatment can include:

  • The fortification of loosened ligaments
  • Restoration of nerve function
  • Addressing blockages and subluxations that occurred during pregnancy

Many women have found that chiropractic treatment following pregnancy can assist them in moving the way they did before they became pregnant. There are many other benefits new mothers can experience with post-delivery treatment that promotes wellness and healing.

Make an Appointment With Our Doctor

Pregnancy can be an exciting and wonderful time, but it can also be difficult for expecting mothers who are suffering from debilitating pain and discomfort that is impacting their quality of life. Pregnancy does not have to be painful and uncomfortable. At Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center, we utilize techniques that help to alleviate pain and improve flexibility, range of motion, and reduces stress on both mother and child. Contact us today at (479) 334-0219 to schedule an appointment and let us help improve your comfort, and manage your pain, so you can fully enjoy this exciting time in your life.

Common Questions From Our Patients

How Often Should I Go to the Chiropractor While Pregnant?

In many cases, pregnant women will see their chiropractor one to four times a month during their first trimester and every 2-3 weeks until the last month of their pregnancy.

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt a Baby?

No studies have linked chiropractic adjustments to an increased risk of miscarriage. Spinal adjustments are considered safe during pregnancy, although with high-risk pregnancies, treatment may not be recommended.

Should You Tell Your Chiropractor You’re Pregnant?

Yes. You should notify your chiropractor if you’re pregnant since your pregnancy may change what treatments are utilized. Your chiropractor can create a personalized treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs during this special time.

Can I Lay on My Stomach for Chiropractic Treatment While Pregnant?

Chiropractors will use specialized equipment, such as adjustable tables that feature belly cutouts, which are designed to accommodate a woman’s growing abdomen. This will eliminate the risk of placing undue pressure on a growing infant.