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Bentonville, Has Several Modern Water Parks

Research indicates that the more time a family spends together, the closer the family. Water parks are fantastic places to hang out with your family. If you’d like to enjoy some quality aquatic time together, here are some of the Bentonville water parks that you should consider visiting. Information can be found here.

Melvin Ford Aquatic Center

The Melvin Ford Aquatic Center is a popular aquatic complex in Bentonville, AR. This lovely facility is located at 2000 NE Memorial Park Square. Over the years, the park has continually received thousands of visitors. This is primarily because the unique center has fantastic amenities such as a children’s pool, a diving pool, and a full-size pool. Given that it has full-time trained staff, visitors enjoy the safety and security of this center. If you’re searching for a place where you and your family can swim comfortably, Melvin Ford Aquatic Center is an excellent option. Read about Bentonville, AR, Is Full Of Delightful Spas here.

Lawrence Plaza

Lawrence Plaza is another crowd-pleasing attraction in Bentonville. Mostly known for its ice skating rink, this incredible facility also boasts a family-friendly splash park. If you’d like to ice skate in the winter and play in the water in the summer, Lawrence Plaza is your go-to location.

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