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Bentonville, AR, Is the City to Visit If You Love the Outdoors

Bentonville, AR, Boasts Of Plenty of Fun Outdoor Places 

If you are an avid outdoorsman or an adrenaline junkie wanting to meet others that feel the same way, Bentonville, AR, is the perfect travel destination for you. Exploring the Ozarks is easy with some of the outdoor recreation amenities and businesses in this area. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, here are some of the things you can do while in Bentonville, AR. Learn more here.

Slaughter Pen Hollow Multi-Use Trail System

If you’re into cycling, hiking, and jogging, the Slaughter Pen Hollow Multi-Use Trail System should be on your list of destinations to visit while in Bentonville, AR. This lovely trail network is perfect for beginners and experienced hikers, cyclists, and runners as it comprises a variety of trails for all ages and skill levels. All trails have direction flags, so you need not worry about getting lost. Learn more about Bentonville, AR, which Is an Event Lover’s Dream Destination.

37 North Expeditions

37 North has created a three-part formula to help residents and visitors alike find the perfect way to explore the Ozarks. 37 North provides a wide variety of outdoor activities to enhance your quality of life and connect you to other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Community education with a focus on the importance of outdoor conservation is also a priority of this amazing organization. 

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