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Bentonville, AR, Is an Event Lover’s Dream Destination

Bentonville, AR, Hosts Some of the Best Events in the Midwest

In the opinion of many travel planners, Bentonville, AR, is the city to visit if you love attending festivals. The city is swarmed each year by thousands of visitors attending its various unique and fun festivals. Here is more information on two of the excellent Bentonville festivals that you should plan to attend during a visit to this area. See more here.

Bentonville Film Festival

The Bentonville Film festival is an American film festival that’s held annually in Bentonville, AR. Started by renowned actress Geena Davis and experienced entertainment executive Trevon Drinkwater, it is usually attended by over 90,000 movie fans. If you’re a fan of films, you won’t regret attending this event. Read about Bentonville, AR, Is a Sightseeing Delight here.

Arkansas Brewgrass Festival

The Arkansas Brewgrass Festival is a family-friendly festival held annually. It usually features delicious food and beverages from local vendors as well as great bluegrass music from regional artists. It also features a wide variety of high-quality, locally-brewed beers. Fans of good food and good music flock to attend the Brewgrass Festival and enjoy its many offerings. 

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