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Bentonville, AR, Is a Food-Loving City

Bentonville, AR, Has Plenty of Excellent Food Establishments

Every year, food critics and food lovers flock to Bentonville, AR, to visit its numerous delicious restaurants. If you are a “foodie,” here are some of the Bentonville restaurants you should visit while in the city. Bentonville, AR information can be seen at this link.

Oven & Tap

If you’re in search of a Bentonville restaurant that can offer you well-prepared, Southern-inspired dishes, you should look no further than renowned restaurant Oven & Tap. Situated at 215 S Main Street, this restaurant is loved by many because, since its founding, it has consistently offered its clients flavorful, high-quality food. Attentive service and a pleasant environment make this option an all-around winner.  Discover facts about Bentonville, AR Has Plenty of Fantastic Pubs.

Table Mesa Bistro

Regarded by many as the best Latin cuisine restaurant in Bentonville, the restaurant is located at 110 East W Central Avenue. Table Mesa Bistro offers a menu of great variety that will satisfy not only Latin food lovers, but those with dietary requirements such as vegetarian options and those who are looking for options that are not Latin. Service is generally good and management is attentive to guest experience. 

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