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Bentonville, AR, Has Plenty of Fun Things to Do

It’s a widely known fact that Bentonville, AR, is one of the most toured cities in Arkansas. The city sees thousands of visitors each year, drawn by Bentonville’s many attractions and points of interest. Here are two of the fun activities you should consider participating in while visiting Bentonville, AR. Find more information here.

The Scott Family Amazeum

The Scott Family Amazeum is an interactive museum for children and families located at 1009 Museum Way, at the corner of Northeast J Street and Museum Way in Bentonville, AR. Its exhibits and activities are designed to encourage risk-taking, imagining, problem-solving, discovery, collaboration, and exploration. The Scott Family Amazeum’s goal is to engage the imagination while bringing art and science to life. The environment is conducive for children and adults to learn and grow. See here for information about Bentonville, AR, Is A History Fanatics Desired Destination.

Have a Picnic at Tanyard Creek

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, and you would like to enjoy a picnic, Bentonville has numerous idyllic locations. One such place is Tanyard Creek Park. Reviewed by many as one of the most beautiful parks in this area of the country, you and your family make many great memories here.

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