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The Conditions We Treat

Chiropractors Centerton, AR

Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center serving Centerton, AR, embodies a haven of integrative wellness, seamlessly blending age-old chiropractic traditions with the nuances of today’s health understanding. Positioned in the tranquil backdrop of Centerton, our center emphasizes individualized care, diving deep into unearthing core concerns rather than merely alleviating overt symptoms. With faith in the body’s profound ability to restore itself, our skilled chiropractors channel their expertise to bolster innate healing pathways, guaranteeing our community members a life marked by harmony and painless. At Deep Roots, we extend beyond mere interventions; we walk hand-in-hand with our patients on their path to holistic health.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the more common conditions see a chiropractor in Centerton for. People suffer from neck pain due to many reasons. Others are due to accidents, while some come as a result of some underlying situations. Whatever the case, we can take care of you.

Back Pain

Back pain arises due to various reasons. Probably one of the most common causes will be your lifestyle depending on many other concerns as well. But when you are suffering from chronic back pain that seems not to go away, our doctors will help you.


People suffer from headaches now and then. While in most cases, they end after simple medications, others tend to be persistent. In case you have headaches/ migraines that will not stop, it is an excellent idea to visit us at Deep Roots Health Center for Help.


If you experience inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that worsens with time, we can help you towards a painless life again.

Digestive Issues

Are you suffering from constant digestive problems that don’t give you peace? If so, then here at Deep Roots Health Center, you will find relief from our chiropractic care.


Allergies and asthmatic conditions can be stressful to handle. Fortunately, you can find a solution here with us at Deep Roots Chiropractic. We have helped many people before, and your case will not be any different.

Sleep Problems

Individuals who suffer from sleep problems usually have underlying conditions like stress. And that is where our expert chiropractic care goes a long way to offer working solutions.

General Body Pain

When your body begins to develop a painful tendency out of nowhere, the likelihood of missing your daily activities is high. That is why you should seek our chiropractic solutions to ensure you get back to your normal life. Whether it is shoulder pain, hip pain, leg pain, to just any painful situation in your body, kindly reach out to us for help.

Back - Chiropractor Adjustment - Treatment

Our Chiropractic Services for Centerton, AR

When it comes to our chiropractic treatment plans, we use various techniques to give every patient individualized treatment. We know that everyone will have various situations, which will call for different measures. Ultimately, that is what we offer in the following ways.

Neurological-Based Chiropractic Care

At Deep Roots Health Center, we use only the most advanced scientific techniques to getting you better. We focus on a neurological approach to chiropractic care, meaning that we focus on the nervous system directly with the only FDA-approved instrument in Chiropractic, allowing us to get within a millimeter to where we need to adjust.

Digital, Motion Study X-Rays

We are proud to be Arkansas’ only chiropractic office to offer Digital, Motion Study X-Rays to our patients.  To better help you and correctly diagnose the problem, we take x-rays through a range of motion, which allows the doctor to locate the exact area of concern.


You and your child deserve the best chiropractic care as you start life off on the right foot. At Deep Roots Chiropractic, we have helped hundreds of children live healthier lives by providing gentle chiropractic treatments in our state-of-the-art clinic. We specialize in helping kids with their specific condition so that they can feel confident about their doctor and trust them to help improve overall health at a young age when it matters most!

Thermography Scans

For those patients that cannot feasibly have x-rays taken on them, Deep Roots Health Center is proud to offer Thermography Scans.  These scans are radiation-free and use an infrared camera to measure temperature differences in different parts of the body and nervous system.  They essentially allow the doctor to see a “picture” of your pain and easily track your progress throughout care.

Car Accident Care

Some patients experience pain immediately after the crash, some experience pain days or weeks after, and still, others suffer the effects years after the accident.  Because of the wide array of scenarios that can occur, it is crucial that ALL members of a crash, whether hurt or not, get checked at a neurological-based chiropractic office like Deep Roots Health Center.

Slips & Falls Care

Slips and falls, whether at work on a slick surface or while at home or outside, can cause a myriad of health problems.  At Deep Roots Health Center, our doctors are highly trained in providing injury care and will do everything they can to get you better.

Concussion Care

If you have ever had a concussion or concussion-like symptoms, you need to get checked at Deep Roots Health Center, even if very minor or many years ago.  Symptoms can develop years after the incident, and at Deep Roots Health Center, we use the only FDA-approved concussion analysis tools to determine your individual metrics.

Sports Injury Care

Dr. Ryan Carlson at Deep Roots Chiropractic will help get you back on track with personalized treatment plans tailored just for you after an accident or injury like this one leaves them sidelined in recovery mode for too long without relief of symptoms eating into their quality of life during those tough days leading up until they are rehabilitated enough so as not need chiropractic care

What Sets Us Apart?

At Deep Roots, we recommend ONLY what you need. We will provide exceptional care to exceed your expectations wildly. Using only the most scientific and advanced techniques available for our patients, we will walk you through every step of the way without any surprises. We are honest and ethical in our approach. 

The City Of Centerton, AR

Deeps Root Health Center offers reliable chiropractic care to the residents of Centerton, AR. This small town has experienced quite a boom in recent years. It’s near enough to the neighboring states of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. With this, day trips are easy to do, so it’s a great place to hang your hat while experiencing all the region has to offer.

The area is full of natural, historical, cultural, and art-related sites and venues, so finding fun and educational things to do won’t be a problem. Also, since it is a suburb, the whole area is surrounded by fun activities for residents and visitors alike. While in the area, you can easily find fun in some of the following spots.

Centerton Farmers’ Market

For the non-winter periods of the year, The Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday at City Hall Park on Main Street downtown. They feature a wide array of products grown and made locally. Besides fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, they offer arts and crafts, health and body products, and prepared foods like honey, salsa, and apple butter. Farmer’s market has many social events as they are a means of just getting the things you need, so if you’re interested in meeting locals and supporting the local economy, make it a point to spend an hour or two checking it out.

Rogers Aquatics Center

It sits on three acres of amenity-packed land not far from downtown and includes leisure and lane swimming pools, kiddie pools, a splash pad, water flumes, and a 40-foot water slide. For those parents who’d rather watch from the sidelines, there’s plenty of covered seating areas. Since summers in Arkansas can get downright miserable when hit with the double-whammies of high temperature and humidity, you’ll probably want to pack your swim trunks and flip-flops too.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is only a few minutes away. It’s full of a wide range of American art created in different regions and eras using varying media. In addition to their permanent exhibits, they also host temporary ones and even offer instructional and educational courses at various times. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art combines the natural world’s wonders with beautiful human-made structures in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Places to see: Coler Mtb Preserve, Coler Creek Park North Gateway,  Osage Mills Dam

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