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Main Cause of Neck Pain

By February 10, 2020 September 13th, 2022 neck pain
Neck Pain

If you’ve dealt with neck pain in the past, you know that it stinks and it really affects the way that you live your daily life. Hey, my name is Dr. Ryan Carlson. I’m a neurologically based chiropractor in Northwest Arkansas, specifically just out the rainbow curve, and I’m going to walk you through in this video what one of the main causes of neck pain is and how we can help you out with that.

So it’s something called a subluxation, which is simply a misalignment in the spine. So I’m going to show you on a model of the spine exactly what that would look like. So here’s a model of the spine, and of course everybody knows you want it straight up and down from the front. But from the side, we actually don’t want straight.

We need three different curves. We need one here in the neck, one in the mid back, and one in the low back. What that does is gives you your shock absorption and your ability to resist gravity throughout the day. So the reason that we want that spine looking like that is because the alignment of the spine actually protects that nervous system.

So all these yellow things coming out are the nerves. And in inside here is actually the spinal cord that goes all the way down. So the brain sends those signals down, that spinal cord out through the nerves to the different parts of your body, and it tells your organs how to do what they need to do.

But more importantly for things like paying, it actually tells the muscles how to contract. It tells them how to relax and how to function properly. But as you can imagine, if there’s a disconnect on that nerve, if there’s pressure on that, everything that that nerve goes to is not going to function properly.
That’s what we call a subluxation. And it can happen for many different things. It could be an old car accident, it could be a fall, a sports injury, you know, posture. Over the years, lots of different things can actually cause those bones to go out of alignment. And you know, something like this right here, that would be a subluxation, putting pressure on the nerves here and these nerves on the bottom part of the neck.

They go right to the muscles in that area, which can cause things like neck pain. So that’s actually what we correct in our office. And if you’d like to know more about how we can do that and how we can benefit you as far as getting you out of your neck pain so that you can live the life that you want to live.
We actually have a new patient neck pain special going on right now. It’s only 40 bucks. Includes an exam, a consultation, any necessary x-rays or other testing. We need to do everything to find out how we can help you. All you gotta do in order to take advantage of that. It’s hit that button that’s down below.

Underneath this video, it’s going to take you to a separate page. You can actually fill out your information and start a conversation with us as far as getting you out of that neck pain so that you can live the life that you need to. So make sure that you hit that button down below and we’ll see you real soon in the office.