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Looking for a way to do life BETTER LIVE DIFFERENT with Deep Roots

Hey, everybody. I am coming to you live from outside and you can see behind me, that is quite the front coming through. It is a storm that's brewing here in Bentonville, right outside the practice here. Of course you can see deep roots behind us right there, and just a beautiful night out here, but there's definitely a storm of brew Bruin his drop, like seven degrees in the last.

A half an hour or so. and that's really, what I want to talk about today is I've had a couple patients as of late, that have brought up different things about, you know, certain storms that are going on in their personal lives, whether it's, you know, busy times with family or. Busy times with like losing a job or, you know, they've had all sorts of different things happen in their personal lives, where they've been crazy as her, you know, in terms of just all sorts of things going on mentally and emotionally and physically as that manifests in that way.

So, yeah. what I want to bring to you guys is how they got such great results with that, because. Three of these people that mentioned, that said that care in our office, this was one of the biggest things that helped them get through that and really work their way through it because when you have mental and when you have emotional pain and suffering and, you know, just crazy things going on in your life, oftentimes the way that it manifests is with tension in your body.

And what happens is those muscles can get really, really tight along the spine. Next, we pulled the vertebrae out of place and that puts direct pressure on the nerves that come out of the spine and go right out to all the different organs and all the different muscles in the body. So of course that's what can cause things like aches and pains and, you know, different, even, even things like digestive issues, you know, all sorts of organ dysfunction because there's pressure on the nerves.

The nerve is what controls the whole. Body. So every single organ, every single cell, every tissue in your body is controlled by the nervous system. And it cannot function without that correct flow from the brain through that nervous system. So if there's a misalignment in the vertebrae, because those muscles are tight because there's emotional or there's mental stress.

It's absolutely going to affect the person in, in, in contact. So, again, if you guys are dealing with that yourselves or, you know, anybody that's dealing with it, we'd be more than happy to help them out and make sure that, we can provide a sense of sanity to them during this time. Again, it's kind of a crazy time that we're going through right now.

so if you know, somebody that needs that little push needs, that little nudge right now is a great time to take control of your health. Because it's a time when, those that haven't are really struggling, and it can absolutely affect their bodies. So if you guys want to take advantage of that, we'd be happy to help you out.

Office phone number is (479) 595-8022. I love you all for those of you that are patients that can't wait to see you next week had an awesome week adjusting you and turning your nervous systems on. I look forward to that every single week. And if you guys want to come in and you're not a current patient, Absolutely do that.

We're doing a Facebook special right now. It's just 40 bucks, initial exam consultation. X-rays any necessary testing we need to do to find out what's going on only 40 bucks to do that. You just call our office and let them know that you, I saw this Facebook live video and we will be happy to help you out.

Have the fantastic astic weekend. Get out, enjoy the beautiful weather and, we'll be waiting for this storm to come through. Take care of guys, rock and roll.

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