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Jason Peck Testimonial

I came to Dr. Carlson, mainly for a lot of pain in my shoulder and my neck. one of the things that really made that a lot worse was driving. just being in the same position I think from a long career typing, I think that's what aggravated at the most. And just recently I went on a long trip. In the car and noticed that I was paying free for the whole trip.

Now I was tired at the end of it, but I didn't have that burning sensation and the knots in my shoulders that I always used to have, they're just completely gone. And I noticed my shoulders are resting in the car in a different place right where they want to be. So I think that's the reason why

I also came to Dr. Carlson because of the tension, and as I mentioned, those knots in my back caused me to lose a lot of sleep and just made me feel aggravated and even irritable, throughout the day. And I knew that pain was, making me short with people sometimes. and it's just been amazing, over the course of the last couple of months as I've come in for the therapy, the difference that it's made all that tension has just been gone.

I can recommend Dr. Carlson enough. I just say to everybody, get out and have him check you out.

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