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Immune Boosting Tips at Home

Hey everybody, I am going to give you some immune boosting tips that you can use at home during this time to make sure that you're getting the best immunity possible and the best possible chance of fighting off any type of virus. One of the big things with this is that the virus hasn't changed and the virus is the same.

For everybody. So the one thing that we have control of, because of course we can't, we can't control the virus. We can't control the different aspects of that. But the one thing we can control is our internal immunity and how we respond to it because it's no wonder that one person who gets the virus Is able to function correctly and not have any type of responses to it and no symptoms, while another person is going to be on the completely opposite side of the spectrum and possibly have some really negative health consequences.

So the virus is the same for both individuals. The difference is that each person's internal environment, their immunity is different. So how we can essentially manage something like a virus is really important during this time and how we can fight it off. That's what I'm going to give you today is some immune boosting tips so that you can get the best out of your time right now.

So tip number one, one thing that you definitely want to do at home is make sure that you're getting proper sleep. So what the CDC and the world health organization recommends is somewhere between eight and nine hours of sleep, just depending on who you are. So if you're an average adult, uh, you know, aged 18 to 65, what they're recommending is eight hours of sleep, uh, for those above 65 or under 18, they're recommending nine hours of sleep, so an extra hour and again, during this time, it's really not a bad idea to actually get extra sleep on top of that, just because it's going to help boost your immunity.

A second tip that I want to give you is get the right foods and the right supplements into your diet. During this time. To support your nervous system. One of the best things you can do to, to support the health of your nervous system, which controls everything in your body. And of course, that's what we work on here, is getting proper nutrition.

So some of the big things that you want to make sure you're getting into your diets right now are vitamin C, of course, vitamin D and probiotics. I'm going to go through vitamin C first. So of course this is found in things like citrus fruits, you know, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons. So make sure you get plenty of those in your diet.

What I am going to caution you against here though is just taking the juice of those fruits. So don't just pound some orange juice because it has lots of vitamin D or sorry, lots, lots of vitamin C. um, what you're ultimately going to be getting there is a ton of sugar because juice in its pure liquid form.

You know, juice has tons of sugar in it, so make sure that you're actually eating the fruits of it, the raw fruits rather than the juice, because sugar is actually going to depress your immune system. That's been shown in multiple studies, so you want the vitamin C but get it from the actual fruits themselves, not drinking a gallon of orange juice.

Don't do that. All right, tip number two. Is vitamin D, so vitamin D is found in the sunlight. So if you can get outside, that's going to be huge. That's where you get your vitamin D, which is one of the best immune boosting, um, supplements. It's one of the best and best immune boosting vitamins that you can get, but of course, we can't always get vitamin D a.

Right now it's Sunday and it just started raining. Um, so for that reason, there's not going to be a whole lot of vitamin D that you can get right now. So taking a supplement, what they recommend is 5,000 international units, 5,000 IUs a day of vitamin D during a time when there's a health crisis to make sure that we're boosting our immunity.

It's a 5,000 IUs of vitamin D. make sure you're getting your vitamin C. the last one I want to talk about is probiotics. Because probiotics actually, uh, coat the lining of your gut, your large intestine, your small intestine. So if you can get proper amounts of probiotics, what that's going to do is increase your gut microbiome, which is where 90% of your immune system lives.

That's your first line of defense is actually in your gut, your small intestine and your large intestine. So taking a high quality probiotic can be huge during this time because you're going to be getting the right microorganisms in your gut, which is going to help you one, properly digest your food.

But two, it's going to help with that first line of defense. It's actually going to help the white blood cell count and your nervous system be able to process any type of pathogen that it comes into contact with. So that's going to be tip number two, is making sure you're getting the right foods, the right vitamins, the right nutrients in your diet, vitamin C, vitamin D, probiotics.

Last tip that I want to give you is making sure that you're getting the proper amount of exercise during this time. Exercises, of course, always important, but especially during a time like this because when you get increased oxygenation into your lungs and into your overall system, it's going to help you fight off any type of virus like this.

So a virus cannot thrive in a high oxygen, uh, you know, high oxygen and in environment. So if you're getting that correct amount of oxygen into your lungs and you're not just slumped over on the couch all day watching Netflix, we've all been there, we're all guilty of it. But if you can make sure that you're getting the right amount of oxygen into your lungs with proper exercise, that's only going to help you in a time like this, making sure that your immunity.

Is as best as it possibly can. So again, it is Sunday in the office right now. That's why I'm casual. I just wanted to shoot a video, let let you know some things you can do at home. But in addition to that, we just had a cleaning crew come through today and they cleaned for about four hours every single surface, making sure that they got everything cleaned the way that you need it.

And we're actually upping that. So we used to do that once a week. We're now doing it three times a week. For your safety. We want to make sure that we're, um, you know, essentially making this place as clean as possible, as sterile as possible, so that there's no possible chance for you to get the virus when you're out and about getting your adjustment.

Because the last tip I want to give you is the adjustment is one of the best immune boosting things that you can do. There's been multiple research articles that actually suggest that it increases the white blood cell count. Which again, fights off all the different pathogens, all the different viruses that it comes into contact with.

And it's also going to help stimulate that, that that immune response in the gut, because we can actually affect those nerves going right to the gut. So there's tons of research behind us. I can always make those articles available to you, but that's really, really important, is actually getting your adjustments.

So if there's any way that you can get in the office, we're making this as safe as possible for you. And I want to walk you through how we're doing that. Um, so if, if you actually want to do something called an isolated private room adjustment, we are now making that available. We're bending over backwards to make sure that we can get you a safe adjustment so that you can increase your immunity naturally by continuing your care.

One is going to help make sure that you don't fall off track with your care plan and the progress that we've already made, but two, it's actually going to increase your immunity during this time, which of course is a key.  important. So, um, what's your going to do if you do want to opt into an isolated adjustment is you're going to walk in the office, you're not going to come into contact with anybody else.

We're honoring the six foot rule. You're not going to do your spinal hydration therapy out in the open area. What we're going to do is do it right here in the room. So we've got a private room set up purely for these isolated adjustments. This spinal hydration therapy disc is getting wiped down after every single use.

Several times a day. The whole room is getting wiped down several times a day, and before you lie down on this table, within minutes before you lie down, that whole table has been sanitized. We're making sure that we're doing our due diligence to make sure that this is as safe as possible for you. The door handles are being wiped down.

The chairs. Everything in this room that you would possibly touch is being wiped down the moment before you come in. I'm going to wash my hands the moment before I come in, and then the moment that you leave and you had right back out the door again, not coming into contact with anybody, we are going to do the exact same process right after.

And right before the next person comes in. So we're doing everything we possibly can to make sure that this place is as clean, as sterile as possible so that we can boost your immunity with the adjustment. Because again, it's one of the most important things that you can possibly do during this time. So here's what I'm going to have you do, if that's something you want to take advantage of, if you want to take advantage of the isolated adjustments, we have limited spaces available for this just because of timing purposes.

So if you can go ahead and text. That numbered back that you got the link to this video on and text that number and we're gonna get you on the list for isolated adjustments. We'll find a time that'll work for you and we're going to make this available. Again, we are bending over backwards to make sure that we can continue your care so you don't fall off your care plans and so that we can boost your immunity naturally.

So again, Dr. Ryan Carlson at deep roots health center (Chiropractor Bentonville AR). Really happy to have you as a part of this practice and we're looking forward to continuing your great care. Just text that link back, text, text that number back, and we're going to go ahead and get you on that list. Thank you so much, and we'll see you in the office really soon.

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