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How We Do Adjustments at Deep Roots

By February 22, 2020 January 4th, 2023 chiropractic care
Chiropractor Neck Pain

I’m going to show you what we do at deep roots health center in order to help out our patients with the abilitative neck pain because it’s one of the most common symptoms that walks into my office, and it’s one of the things that we get the best results with because we’re a specific neurologically based chiropractic office.
We use something called an integrator to do our adjusting, and that is the best way that we get results with our neck pain is with the adjustment itself, which actually takes pressure off the nerves in the spine, which allows the muscles to contract and to relax properly so that your body can function at its best.

Pain-free. So with the neurologically based adjustment, we actually don’t do any manual popping, clicking, or cracking, but it’s all done very specifically with an instrument. It’s called the integrator, and that can actually get down to the millimeter as far as where I need to adjust on the spine. It’s super specific and it gets.
Great results as a result of being specific for your spine. It’s not a general mobilization, but it’s actually specifically pinpointing the area of distress in your spine and in your nervous system that’s causing you to have that neck pain. So in order to find out if the neurologically based adjustment would be right for you, make sure that you click that button down below.

You can actually schedule an appointment right here in the Chiropractic Clinic in Bentonville AR. We’re currently doing a neck pain, new patient special, which is only $40 and includes an exam, a consultation, any necessary x-rays or other testing we need to do essentially everything to find out the cause of your neck pain. But it is normally right around three 75 for that exam.
But if you want to take advantage of this, again, it’s just 40 you got to hit that button down below and go ahead and start that conversation with us in order to do that. So looking forward to seeing you in the office. Make sure that you hit that button below and we’ll see a real soon.

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