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Chiropractic Care Can Help With Sciatica Pain

Sciatica typically affects one part of the lower body. Pain often travels from the lower back through the back of the thigh and down to the leg. The pain may also travel down to the toes and foot. Some individuals can have severe pain, while others may have irritating and infrequent pain. However, it can get worse. More can be found here. 

Sciatica Diagnosis

A chiropractor will examine you and review your medical history. With this, they can determine the cause of your sciatica pain. The basis of chiropractic treatment is that patients can have pain and reduced function through restricted spinal movement. The body can heal itself through the drug-free, non-invasive treatment of chiropractic care. Learn more about Chiropractic Care Benefits.

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Symptoms of Sciatica

Some of the symptoms of sciatica are: 

  • A bursting pain that makes it hard to stand up
  • A regular pain on one side of the rear
  • Difficulty, numbness, or weakness moving the foot or leg
  • Tingling or burning running down the leg
  • A pain in the back or leg that worsens when sitting

Sciatica Treatments Used by Chiropractors


The sound waves create this gentle heat that penetrates deep into tissues. While it reduces pain, stiffness, swelling, cramping, and muscle spasms, it also increases circulation.

Ice/Cold Therapy

With this, it helps control sciatica pain by reducing inflammation.

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