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Cheryl Testimonial

This is Cheryl she's one of our all-star patients and,  she's had a very interesting drive here at deep roots health center. She's made some phenomenal changes with her health and it's allowed you to do some pretty cool things. So Cheryl, I'm just going to have you share a little bit about where you were when you first came in and what the, what the changes were that you were noticing going on in your body.

- Okay. I think the biggest, change and difficulty I noticed was that I had been a flute player for 54 years. AndI was having problems getting through one piece of music, even without my fingers going down my hands tingling, going numb to the point that I couldn't feel even the keys under my fingers so I had to quit playing for a long time.

Hold on for just a second though, not just a flute player, A concert flute player, like basically a professional flute player. She is absolutely phenomenal. She just played some for me here just a moment ago.  so you're being very very humble, but what a phenomenal musician we have standing here.

- Well, thank you. I've been mostly in community bands and those kinds of things, but I've always played for 50 something years, so it's been a part of my heart. And when I lost that, it was like part of my heart was missing.And also I am a native American flute player. So that's really part of my soul.

So I had been, not able to enjoy those things for just six brief periods, when I came to. To Dr. Ryan Carlson is just like totally things totally changed for me within just a couple of three weeksI was starting tobe able to play a whole piece of music and not have any real tingling, for several pieces. I was able to get better and expand, and I was able to play some professionally a little bit.I started teaching native American flute. so I've got some students there. So things have really opened up changed. I get to enjoy my passion once again. Which is so dear to my heart. And I'm so grateful to you.

For everything for me, she is absolutely done phenomenal. And you know if you guys have anything going on like this as well, whether it's a numbness or tingling in her neck pain or low back pain, headaches, whatever it may be. Of course, we all know that pain and loss of function can affect our daily quality of life.

Thank you so much for being an all star patient here at deep roots, and we can't wait to see where you go from here, Cheryl. Thank you.

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