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CALM before the STORM.. Dr. Carlson relates that to your health in a profound way

Hey, everybody. I am coming at, you live from outdoors. And even as I'm looking at this camera, you can probably see in the background, there is quite the cloud line that is developing, and you can even see some rain showers in the background there. And even as I'm standing here, the first few drops of rain are happening from this tropical storm that is coming North through the country.

so my message for you today is. the calm before the storm and how that relates to your health. Because we hear about that a lot with things like storms, especially when it's like a tropical storm. Like there's, there's always that, that calm period before everything gets all riled up and the wind picks up and the thunderstorm rolls and, you know, you start to see the pouring rain, but the calm before the storm is always where there's no leaves moving.

And you can see this tree behind me. There's not a single leaf moving on that thing. The air is still it's humid. You can tell it's about to start pouring rain, but the calm before the storm also relates to your health. Because a lot of times what happens is when Americans deal with something and it's, it's super, super minor.

And the, you know, just little minor things that come up over and over again, maybe it's neck pain, maybe it's back pain, maybe a shoulder pain, numbness, and tingling, whatever it is, the calm before the storm is those little things. Things those, those micro symptoms that happen over and over again, that can eventually add up to something big.

So my message today is that when you notice those micro symptoms, when there's those tiny little things that are giving you trouble, and you notice that tweak in the back or all of a sudden, you have the little bit of neck pain, that's the calm before the storm. But beyond that is when the storm comes and when those micro symptoms start piling on top of one, another and life happens and life happens and it happens again.

That's when all of a sudden the calm before the storm turns into the torrential downpour with a thunderstorm, and it can put you out of commission. It can put you out of work. It can put you away from your family and it can lead to all sorts of other things. So, if you are dealing with some of those micro symptoms, you're dealing with the calm before the storm, as it begins to rain more and more here, that's essentially what happens.

So, you know, if you are dealing with that and that's you, and it's starting to rain more and more, definitely find us at deeper health center. because we've helped a multitude of people with it. Things like neck pain and back pain, even things like sciatica, numbness, and tingling down into the fingertips, sleep problems, digestive systems, you name it.

We probably help somebody with it. Here's our center right here where it just South of rainbow curve in Bentonville. And we're doing an online special right now. So if you guys want to take advantage of our new patient special, which is exam, right. Consultation, any necessary x-rays or other testing. We need to do a it's normally three 75, but whenever we do things like this online, I always make it super easy.

We do it for 40 bucks. So if you guys want to take advantage of that, make sure that you do, because it can absolutely change your life. And we can address those symptoms before it becomes the storm. Let's address it right now during the calm, before the storm. Because again, as I'm sitting here right now, it's starting to rain more and more on me.

And I'm about to head inside because I don't want that storm to come on my life. Just like we don't want that storm of symptoms, health wise to come on your life. Hey, I'm outta here. It is starting to rain more and more. I will see you guys all later. I love you and take care.

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