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Chiropractor examining patient with wrist bone problems painful wrist caused by prolonged work on the laptop. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neurological disease concept. Numbness of the hand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Uncovering the Most Effective Treatments You Can Get Here in Bentonville

Have you been bothered by wrist pain, a feeling of "pins and needles," or outright numbness? Whether you've been struggling with these symptoms for a long time or hardly any time at all, you should consider the possibility that you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. If that is the case, there are several ways to […]
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Anatomical model of spine on table in chiropractor's office. Adult man patient during spinal exam by chiropractor on background, soft focus

Insights From a Bentonville Chiropractor: Understanding Spinal Health and Body Function Correlations

When you think "chiropractor," you probably think "back pain," right? Much of chiropractic care is indeed centered on alleviating both acute and chronic back pain. However, the work that chiropractors do to improve spinal health can actually improve other parts of the body, as well. Read on to find out more about the relationship between […]
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chiropractor talking to patient about immune system and their spinal chord

Beyond Pain Relief: Chiropractic Contributions to Immune System Health

Chiropractic treatment is typically associated with back pain relief, but treatment offers a broader range of benefits that also extend to immune system health. At Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center, we take a holistic approach to wellness that offers a variety of benefits for the entire body, including investigating immune system health. We believe in […]
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chiropractor examining child's back in clinic.

Pediatric Posture: Guiding Healthy Spinal Development Through Chiropractic Interventions

It’s very common for children to suffer from postural problems these days. Most children don’t maintain proper sleeping, standing, or sitting posture. Because of this, a significant amount of pressure is placed on the spine and other parts of the body. Poor posture can result in a variety of misalignments in the spine and can […]
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the backbone of wellness: proven chiropractic techniques for stress reduction

The Backbone of Wellness: Proven Chiropractic Techniques for Stress Reduction

Constant stress can have a severe impact on your overall health, including your mental and physical well-being. Whether you're already receiving medical or psychological care for the effects of stress or have never taken steps toward holistic wellness in this area, chiropractic care can have a tremendous effect on your health. Let's discuss some of […]
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Before and after, on the left is a person slouched down, in a bad seating position, whereas on the right is a person standing in a correct ergonomic seating position

Ergonomic Workspaces: How Chiropractic Care Can Optimize Your Home Office

Have you been experiencing back, neck, or joint pain while working from home? Or maybe you're concerned about suffering from poor posture and limited mobility in the future as a result of working out of your home office. Whatever the situation, with some help from a friendly chiropractor, you can optimize your at-home workspace to […]
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A girl receiving CST treatment, Osteopathic Manipulation and CranioSacral Therapy for children

Unlocking Migraine Relief: How Chiropractic Care Enhances Healing and Improves Outcomes

We're probably all familiar with the pain and annoyance that comes with a migraine or other form of persistent headache. Especially in our stressful, fast-paced world, migraine headaches seem to crop up all the time. There are many possible solutions to this common ailment, but one of the ways you can find relief from migraine […]
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a person's right hand trying to relief nerve damage to left hand's wrist

Nerve Damage Repair: Can Chiropractic Care Be the Solution?

Pinched and damaged nerves can cause excruciating pain that sticks with you wherever you go. Have you been seeking a pain relief solution for this troublesome condition? You'll likely be relieved to know that chiropractic care is arguably the most effective option for relieving your acute or chronic neuropathy and keeping you pain-free in the […]
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Top view, woman and man in physiotherapy for back pain, spinal injury or medical anatomy pain relief. Physiotherapist, healthcare worker or chiropractor in physical therapy for spinal sciatica nerve.

Soothe Sciatica Pain: How Chiropractic Care Offers Relief

Have you been experiencing shooting pains throughout your lower back or legs? Has this leg pain affected you so badly that you've been stuck on the couch in your recliner for hours at a time? If so, there's a good chance that you're suffering from sciatica pain. And if that's the case, you should know […]
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Foot pain, plantar fasciitis pain in the foot of the elderly. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Most symptoms are numbness in the fingertips and foot.Healthcare problems and podiatry medical concept

Holistic Healing: Combining Chiropractic Care with Nutrition and Exercise for Neuropathy Management

Neuropathic pain has many causes that can result in different symptoms. These symptoms can include stinging, tingling, and burning in the legs, feet, hands, and arms. In recent years, chiropractic treatment in Bentonville, combined with exercise and other lifestyle changes, has proven to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and alleviate other symptoms associated with neuropathy. […]
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man treat lumbar disc. man lying on massage table while his physical therapist doing special exercises for physical therapy for sciatica and pinched nerve problems

Exercises to Complement Chiropractic Treatment: Speed Up Your Sciatica Recovery

Regular exercise is an important part of our chiropractic treatment strategy in Bentonville. Chiropractic exercises can help in many ways, alleviating severe pain caused by chronic conditions such as sciatica, or injuries. At Deep Roots Chiropractic Health Center, our experienced chiropractors can create individualized treatment programs that include corrective exercises that can complement the treatment […]
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Woman having chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic vs. Physical Therapy: Finding the Right Solution for You

Chiropractic vs. Physical Therapy: Finding the Right Solution for You

For people who don't know any better, the line between chiropractic care and physical therapy can get a bit fuzzy. After all, both of these treatment options are done by licensed healthcare providers who help you with pain management and mobility after an injury, right? While there is certainly a decent amount of overlap between […]
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Man cracking neck: The Truth About Cracking Your Own Back: Is It Harmful or Helpful Long-Term?

The Truth About Cracking Your Own Back: Is It Harmful or Helpful Long-Term?

If you're in the habit of cracking your back or other knuckles on a regular basis, you're in good company: nearly half of the population cracks knuckles or other joints at least once a day. It's quite common to crack one's back first thing upon waking up or right before a workout. However, just because […]
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Say Goodbye to Pinched Nerves: Your Guide to Pinched Nerve Pain in Bentonville, AR

Nerves carry critical information, traveling from the brain to all regions of the body. Unfortunately, when a nerve is compressed, it can be extremely painful, causing additional symptoms that can impact a person’s quality of life. People commonly seek chiropractic treatment for back pain; however, chiropractors can also handle a wide range of other conditions, […]
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Subluxations in Children: What Every Parent in Bentonville, AR Should Know About Spinal Alignment

A spinal subluxation is the loss of the natural position or alignment of the spinal bone, causing pain, sleep disturbance, behavioral problems, and developmental delays.  In children, when the body is emotionally, chemically, or physically stressed, a subluxation can occur, causing disturbances within the nervous system. The neurological disturbance, combined with the loss of normal […]
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