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Bentonville, AR Is Worth Visiting If You Love Wine

Bentonville, AR Has a Good Number of Elegant Wineries

Wine is a passion for many individuals. If you are a wine aficionado, Bentonville, AR, has you covered. If you’d like to enjoy a bit of vino while in Bentonville, here are some of the wineries you should consider visiting. Click here for facts about Bentonville, AR.

Tontitown Winery

Tontitown Winery is a mere twenty-minute drive from the busy Bentonville central business district. According to many wine enthusiasts, it’s one of the nation’s top wineries. Its vineyards produce a wide variety of exquisite wines, all made on-site, from their Tontitown-grown grapes. Free wine tastings are offered 7 days a week. The Tontitown Winery is housed in the "Taldo House," which was built in 1917 and is the former home of the "Dixie Pride Bonded Winery #40." Click here to read about Bentonville, AR, Is a Foreign Cuisine Lover's Paradise.

Bar Cleeta

Found in downtown Bentonville, Bar Cleeta is one of the most visited bars and restaurants in the city. It is a favorite of locals due to its delicious food as well as its exquisite selection of wines and other alcoholic drinks. Great reviews indicate that this restaurant never fails to meet its clients’ expectations.

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