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Bentonville, AR Is an Astonishing City

This City Has Numerous Hidden Gems

Bentonville, AR, is largely known as the birthplace of Walmart. However, this city boasts plenty of relatively unknown spots that are pretty amazing. If you'd like to visit some of Bentonville's hidden gems, here are a couple of the locations you should check out. More about Bentonville, AR can be seen here.

Blu Moon Bentonville

Blu Moon Bentonville is a jewelry store located at 219 S Main Street. It is one of Bentonville's most successful stores, known for offering high-quality products at affordable prices. It’s easy to find some unique pieces for your jewelry collection at Blu Moon Bentonville. Information about Bentonville, Has Several Modern Water Parks can be found here.

Markham & Fitz Chocolate

Markham & Fitz Chocolate is a chocolate shop that's located at 801 SE 8th Street. Although it is relatively small in size, it is big in popularity. This is because this great shop offers a huge variety of delicious chocolate delicacies. If you're a fan of chocolate, a visit to this store is highly recommended.

The Spice and Tea Exchange

For spices and teas you would normally have to travel the world to get, visit the Spice and Tea Exchange. This adorable little shop located just off Bentonville’s town square has ample free parking and is the locale go-to for gifts, herbs, spices, and cooking supplies. It’s a great find for the cook or tea lover that has everything, so plan to visit the Spice and Tea Exchange while in Bentonville. 

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