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Bentonville, AR Is A Conference Planner’s Dream

If you're searching for a city where you can comfortably hold a conference, seminar, or workshop, you should look no further than Bentonville, AR. This lovely city has several spacious conference centers. If you require a top-notch Bentonville conference center, here are some of the remarkable options available. Further facts about Bentonville, AR can be found here.

Compton Gardens and Conference Center

Located at 312 N Main Street, Compton Gardens and Conference Center is one of The Peel Compton Foundation's properties. Situated in the heart of Bentonville's downtown, this venue is perfect for holding small conferences up to 100 guests. The Conference Center is the remodeled home of Dr. Neil Compton, serving as a rental facility for seminars, conferences, workshops, retreats, intimate weddings, and private events. The garden is a celebration of gardening, horticulture, and conservation within an aesthetic landscape. It is available for film and commercial photo shoots. Discover facts about Bentonville, AR Is Home To Several Incredible Botanical Gardens.

Bentonville Plaza Convention Center

Bentonville Plaza is located at 609 SW 8th Street. Situated across the street from Walmart's corporate headquarters, this impressive multi-tenant office building is the preferred conference center for many individuals in the city. Bentonville Plaza is a business center that features a lounge with Wi-Fi Internet connection and laptop and mobile ports, conference rooms, executive suites, and has video conferencing capabilities. Bentonville Plaza also offers presentation development, point-of-sale, copying, printing, binding, and graphics design services. Catering services are provided by Camille's Sidewalk Cafe. 

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