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Bentonville, AR Has Plenty of Fantastic Pubs

This City Is Perfect For a Weekend-Outing with Your Beer-Loving Friends

Not many cities can boast of having several accomplished local breweries. However, this isn’t the case in Bentonville, AR, as this city prides itself in having quite a good number of award-winning breweries. If you love drinking beer, here are some of the amazing breweries you should plan to visit with your friends. More can be found here.

Bike Rack Brewing Co. 

Bike Rack Brewing Company is a locally-owned and operated beer brewery in Bentonville. Currently, it has three locations. This company has received much praise and recognition from brewing experts for its unique brews. Bike Rack Brewing Company also delivers. Thus, if you’re searching for a spot where you can enjoy top-tier beer, you should visit one of this company’s locations for an ice-cold brew of your choice. Learn more about Bentonville, AR Has A Vibrant Nightlife.

Bentonville Taproom

The renowned Bentonville Taproom is located at 109 S Main Street. Situated next to well-known restaurant Table Mesa Bistro and Bakery, this fabulous taproom is loved by many. This is because it offers a wide variety of brews and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Visitors can grab a beer and chat with the locals who love the Bentonville Taproom after dinner at Table Mesa Bistro next door.

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