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Bentonville, AR Has A Vibrant Nightlife 

This Lovely City Has a Pretty Vibrant Nightlife Scene

In case you want to enjoy good food and drink with your friends while listening to great music, Bentonville, AR, is the perfect place for you and your friends.. If you and your friends plan to go out while in Bentonville, here are some of the fantastic spots you ought to consider visiting. Further facts about Bentonville, AR can be found here.

Uptown Kitchen & Taphouse

Located in nearby Rogers, AR, Uptown Kitchen & Taphouse is a local favorite. It offers an extensive beer selection in addition to delicious food. Attentive and friendly staff help make the experience an even more pleasant one. Uptown Kitchen & Taphouse has numerous fantastic reviews on various websites and all indicate that a visit to this establishment would be a great idea.  Information about Bentonville, AR, Is a Nature Lover’s Dream Location can be found here.

Undercroft and The Preacher’s Son

Undercroft is located at 201 NW A Street, under the Preacher’s Son restaurant. The Preacher’s Son offers unique, sustainably-sourced meals in a restored historic church near Bentonville City Square. Patrons may enter through a side archway simply marked “bar” or via a basement door marked “coatroom.” Upon entrance, visitors discover a seductive, hidden cocktail bar with an extensive list of libation options. Patrons can also order select plates from The Preacher's Son menu.

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