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Bentonville, AR Has a Large Fitness-Loving Community

This City Is Home to Several Fitness Centers

Bentonville has several fitness centers with state-of-the-art training equipment as well as fantastic gym instructors. If you’re in search of a gym in Bentonville, AR, here are some of the fitness centers you should consider. Find further facts here.

Planet Fitness

Located at 1001 SW Westpark Drive, Planet Fitness is regarded by many gym enthusiasts as the best gym in Bentonville. As this well-equipped gym is home to several well-trained and experienced gym instructors, it’s fair to say that this is also one of the safest gyms to work out at. Planet Fitness offers a great workout facility at affordable rates, so it is a very popular option with residents and out-of-town visitors with memberships.  Read about Bentonville, AR Is Worth Visiting If You Love Wine here.

CrossFit Northwest Arkansas

CrossFit Northwest Arkansas isn’t just a workout facility. Crossfit is a lifestyle. Among the most popular fitness centers in Bentonville, this excellent gym is loved by many for its exciting fitness programs, tough workouts, and certified instruction. It is an affordable and motivating option for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge. 

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