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Backpack Safety For Children - Deeproots

First of all, if you guys have kids that are going back to school in the comment section below, just right back to school and we'll give you guys some love for that, because I know it's going to be a little different school year, and we just want to give all the love and support to our students and definitely to the team teachers, because they have been prepping hard for this. We've been doing a lot of school talks recently,  for teachers giving them back and showing them how to stress less. And if you guys know, teachers make sure that you thank them because they are one of the most under-appreciated professions.

so definitely show them some appreciation as you go into the next few days and weeks here at school starts. But to the point, if you guys have kids, make sure you're watching this because I've got backpack safety tips for you today. And the big idea here is as cool as it is to wear one strap. You want to make sure that the kids are putting straps over both shoulders because if you put it over one shoulder, you can imagine that as heavy as those backpacks are.

What is going to do is it's going to affect the shoulder height, which in effect affects all the muscles of the neck. It affects the shoulders, the muscles between the shoulder blades and even down into the low back as well, because everything compensates along the spine. So if there's pressure on one side from a backpack being, you know, really worn on just one shoulder, it's going to affect all the different areas.

But the second tip that I have as far as backpacks go. Is in relation to how heavy they should be.  so for every 10 pounds that your child weighs, the backpack should only have one pound in it to avoid back pain. So for example, if you have a younger child and they're 60 pounds, that backpack should be no more than six pounds.

And if you have an older child, maybe they're a hundred and. 60 pounds that backpack should be no more than 16 pounds. That is the hard max. So 10% of the person's body weight, and that's even stretching it. So of course as low as you can get it the better, but you know you can help them consolidate with books,  what they don't need to bring home, leave at school and just bring the essential things back home.

So those are my two tips. As far as backpack safety goes is one, make sure that. Again, I know it's not as cool as putting it on one shoulder, but put the straps on both shoulders. And then the second one is to make sure that you got the right ratio of weight to child. So piece from deeper it's health center.

And this goes for adults who wear backpacks to the office as well! I hope you guys are having a great night, enjoy your weekend. And I can't wait to see you guys all next week.

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