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At Home Neck Stretches

By February 22, 2020 September 13th, 2022 neck pain
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If you have neck pain, you’ve probably tried different stretches before, but it can be really hard to know which ones are going to be most important as far as getting rid of that neck pain so that you can go about your daily life the way that you need to. Hey, my name is Dr. Ryan Carlson. I’m a neurologically based neck pain chiropractor in Bentonville AR.
Right here in Bentonville, and I’m going to show you some different stretches that you can do at home in order to help you out with your neck pain. So it’s real simple. It’s actually some different range of motion exercises that, uh, just get motion in that spine and keep those vertebrae moving. So that you can get the pressure off the nerves in that area.

Cause the main thing that causes neck pain is something called a subluxation, which is a misalignment in the spine to the point where it’s putting pressure on the nerves. Now, while these stretches that I’m about to show, you are not going to correct the subluxation. They won’t get those bones moving again.
What they can do is get motion in the spine and make sure that the muscles are responding correctly until you can get in for an adjustment. So make sure that you watch these real closely. It’s super simple. It’s simply just the three ranges of motion as far as getting motion into your neck. So it looks just like this.

The first one is just side to side. You want real good posture, your shoulders up, back and down, and then you’re just going to take your head and you’re going to go over to the right hand side. As far as you can go and then over to the left hand side as far as you can go, you’re just going to keep that motion going back and forth.
You’re going to want to do 15 on each side. Now, I do have to put out a disclaimer. If this causes you pain, make sure that you don’t do it. In fact, if that’s you, you want to schedule an appointment in the office because there’s probably something deeper going on than just the, just the misalignment in the spine.
So I make sure that you would schedule an appointment in the office if this does cause you pain. But if it doesn’t, it can be a really good thing. Until you can get in the office for an adjustment. The very next one is going to be rotation side to side. So again, you want that real good posture and you’re going to look as far over your right shoulder as it can.

And then as far over your left, so just like this. Get more info on the importance of sleep when it comes to neck pain.
Just a nice, slow, repetitive movement, just like that. 15 to the right, 15 to the left, and then the very last one is simply going forward and backward because we’ve gone side to side. We’ve gone rotation each way. Now we’re going to go forward and backward. So the way that this one works, I’ll show you from the side so that it makes more sense, is you’re just going to tuck your chin down to your chest and then extend all the way up.
Just like this.

Okay, so 15 forward and 15 backward. They’re super simple, super elementary, but they get motion in the neck. They allow those muscles to start to relax, and again, it can be a great thing until you can get into the office. For your adjustment, but if you are a brand new patient and it’s something that you’d like to see if we can help you out with your neck pain, it’s one of the symptoms that we get the best results with.
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It’s going to take you to a separate page that you can actually input your information and start a conversation with us as far as getting you out of that neck pain. So make sure that you do that. Go ahead and click that button down below and we will see a real soon right here in the office.